@boozer I might actually be coming to Canberra in February! Have you left there yet?

@jordan I leave there all the time. Currently in Newcastle but will be back in The Capital for February for sure. Do you like food and drinks? And I can take you to decent coffee places as I hear there ain't none in Perth.

@boozer I have been known to like food, coffee and drinks.

My daughter might be playing cricket for WA u15’s in the National champs. will know for sure in December.

@jordan here's to her winning all the games she needs to then! Does she drink much though? And is she more of a wine or spirits teen?

@boozer she made the squad of 25. That gets cut to 13 closer to the event.

@jordan if she has to cut a bitch to not get cut then she should cut a bitch. Or just be as good as possible, cross her fingers, and start making Voodoo dolls.

@boozer she’s not above using her cricket spikes to get ahead.

@boozer and the made the team last year, and has improved out of sight since last then, so the chances are good. Just don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

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